Dog Toys

NOTE TO BUYER. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT PLUSH TOYS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEIWERS. ALSO REMEMBER TO WATCH YOUR AGGRESSIVE CHEWIERS WITH ANY TOY.  HARD RUBBER PIECES CAN BE CHEWED OFF AND GET LOGED IN THE DOGS THROAT OR GET CAUGHT IN THEIR DEGISTIVE TRACK. We carry a large variety of all kinds of toys.  From nylon ropes, balls, squeak toys and training aids. All of our toys are made with all natural and durable materials.  They are also nontoxic and BPA FREE.  A dog chewing is great for their boredom and their teeth/gum health. The more they chew the healthier and cleaner their teeth will be.   Slight pulling on the teeth makes them stronger also.  While most dogs love to play with ropes.  Just watch it for stray pieces this also could cause a lot of problems. I just would not leave small toys out for unsupervised dogs for too long.