Genuine leather collars adorned with durable and fun widgets. These collars come in a variety of colors and several different sizes. Size 10 and 12 have 3 widgets, size 14 and 16 have 5 widgets and sizes 18 thru 26 have 7 widgets. Made in the USA. See bottom of page for sizing information. These are fun little things for the holidays or whenever. You just want your besties to feel and look special



It  is never too early to start thinking about what you will do when the day itself rolls around. There is the matter of the costume, of course, as well as any plans you make throughout the month of October. And then there are decorations for inside and outside the house.
Pet owners do not have to enjoy the holiday on their own, either. Anyone can have a great time on Halloween, and that includes your animal companions. They do not even need an elaborate costume. They can wear adorable bow ties, decorative collars, and cute smoochers. They can don bandanas and sport charms based on Halloween imagery. Setting apparel aside, they can play with special and spooky toys. There are so many Halloween pet items that you can get your little buddies into the spirit.  This stellar line of collars is sure to turn some heads. The metal Widgets are securely fastened to our durable collars and come in different colors and shapes. Size 10 and 12 collars will have 3 widgets, size 14 and 16 will have 5 widgets and size 18 and 20 will have 6 widgets. See bottom of page for sizing.